18 Harry Potter Bastille Antonyms Nail Art and a comical hatred of loose and firework glitter that's about it

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Dan smiling after performing Flaws and Pompeii on The Ellen Show

those are some nervous grins


Happy Birthday Hermione Granger! 19th September 2014.


these two


i am supremely pleased with this, it’s not even that these are my perfect fancasts for james and lily, but they’re a fuckload better than the movies, THEY DIED YOUNG, THAT WAS PART OF THE WHOLE TRAGEDY OF IT, THEY DIDN’T DIE IN THEIR EARLY FORTIES AFTER HAVING LIVED MOST OF THEIR WHOLE LIFE AND THEN FINALLY SETTLING DOWN TO HAVE A KID, oh no i made myself sad, but sigh, i have a lot of feelings about the marauders and lily (via laurellas)

Things that you don’t learn at school.


ppl to put your trust in completely: hagrid, mcgonagall, luna.

Emma Watson represents the UN, in her role as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, in Uruguay where she was campaigning for a higher representation of women in politics.

Happy Birthday Hermione!


Rose is sleeping and Scorpius gets distracted ;)

I wanted to finish something of my own sketches before I completely jump into commissions bandwagon, haha

it all is still Marion’s fault.